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Maybe Music Piracy’s Not to Blame

Here are the facts: Album sales in the music industry have been in decline. This decline started in 2000. Nickelback scored their first big hits in 2000. How can the logic and results of this convincing statistical analysis be denied? Interestingly, charting Pontiac Aztec by total Pontiac sales will demonstrate the same precipitous decline.

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“Sex with a _____”

Here are the facts: The more Google results something has, the more likely it is popular. This is a roughly linear relationship. Given this, “sex with a picnic table” garnered about 60% as many results as “sex with a human being.” (Statfail’s snarky 2012 comment: Nice work Decabear! Shady statistical analysis coupled with an imprecise Google search. Well done!)

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Obesity = Beauty?

Here are the facts: Texas has the most Miss USA pageant winners of any state by far, and has one of the highest rates of obesity. Colorado, on the other hand has the lowest rate of obesity, and a dearth of hot chicks, apparently. This statistical analysis left out a few variables, or perhaps not, but Statfail’s extensive ski slope data collection leads one to question this result.

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The recession won’t be over ’til…

Here are the facts: There have been four generations of Pokémon games. The release of each has been followed by an economic upturn. Coincidence? Statistical analysis at its best?

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All-time classic: Pirates vs. Global Warming

What do you think? Coincidence or not? How does this graph help us define statistical analysis?

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Welcome to Statfail

This site has gone through several iterations, first as an idea proposed in an Ask Reddit thread.

Original content, limited to the first six posts, remains. These posts, and others to be added, are intended to help visitors (including my students) learn statistical analysis. I will use this site in my online statistics courses, where students develop an understanding of tools for analyzing data, correlation, causation, and application of statistics in data analytics. This site is intended to define statistical analysis by encouraging visitors to ask “what is data analysis,” “Why is it important to understand statistical analysis,” and “how often is data mis-analyzed?”

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